Apple seemed to meet some of the hopes of Mac users during CEO Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote speech this week, though the jury remains out as to how impressed the Mac community has been with what announcements were made.

In a Macworld UK poll before the keynote, we asked users which new features they would like to see in Mac OS X 10.5 - and in that regard Apple has delivered.

Over one-third (35 per cent) of Macworld Online readers who voted said they wanted to see a new Finder interface to Leopard - which Apple delivered.

Interestingly, 6 per cent of users wanted "a replacement for the Dock" and 27.5 per cent hoped for a 3D interface: Apple could be seen as moving to meet those demands.

The company revealed a new Finder, a new-style translucent menu bar, a new function called Stacks, CoverFlow Finder navigation and the QuickLook full-screen previews. It also thrilled developers with news on Core Animation, which promises a new age of 3D interfaces for the Mac platform.

But how happy were readers with these announcements?

We asked readers to vote on their favourite new Leopard feature: Stacks led the vote, with 30.5 per cent of 860 voters favouring that feature.

The eye-catching CoverFlow Finder feature was favoured by 23.5 per cent of voters, and its trusty and powerful companion, QuickLook took third place in the five-category vote, grabbing 21.6 per cent support from the sample group.

Many readers (4.8 per cent) had hoped for peer-to-peer features in Leopard. While these didn't appear, Apple did reveal its new 'Back to My Mac' feature.

This powerful application will let Mac users access remote computers that they own if they need to access data - they'll even be able to grab data from the remote machine if they need it immediately. It's a blessing for road warriors, and a major selling point for .Mac. Despite its promise, just 10.7 per cent of the voting group saw it as the most important announcement, in a vote that favoured Finder features.

Many Mac users have complained that Monday's keynote saw Apple reprise on several Leopard features (and there's meant to be over 300 new features to that OS). This led 13.7 per cent of voters to say that "One of the features previewed at last year's WWDC, and rehashed this time," was their favourite announcement from WWDC 2007.

This may indicate a divided church in terms of how the Mac community feels about Apple's WWDC meeting this year, so we'd like to know: what's your reaction to the WWDC keynote?

Please let us know in this week's poll, choosing from the following options, 'Overwhelmed', 'It was OK', 'It was average' or, 'underwhelmed'. Voting in the poll is situated to the right of this page.

Or comment on the whole event in this forum thread.