GizMac Accessories is demonstrating its soon to ship 25U XRackPro2 server rack at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).
GizMac's 25U noise reduction server rack was actually chosen by Apple to house, display and silence the new Xeon-powered Xserve that was announced at WWDC this week.

Several clusters of the newest Apple Xserve servers were unveiled to the developer community through the use of the XRackPro 25U server rack from GizMac.
"The 25U XRackPro2 server rack is a great addition to our family of noise reduction enclosures," says Ken Vitto, director of marketing for GizMac Accessories. "We are excited that Apple chose to show the world the new Xserve server while displayed in our soon to be released 25U server rack."
As well as offering rack space for Xserve and Xserve RAID storage the server rack also offers space for such peripherals as tape and disk backup, networking and battery backup.

The 25U XRackPro2 server rack mount cabinet costs $2,199 in the US.