Symantec has released its Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh version 8.0 beta

This version has been built for Mac OS X. The company has released the beta to the public so that "interested members of the general public may test it and provide feedback on its functionality and use". The company warns that, as product development is incomplete, "it's likely" to contain some bugs.

The beta includes the Norton Antivirus Application, which scans and repairs viruses; AutoProtect for OS X, which scans files for viruses as they are written to disk; and a Scheduler, which lets OS X users schedule virus scans.

The company will give away 25 free copies of Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh to the first 25 beta users to submit undocumented bugs. 25 additional beta testers will be randomly selected to win a copy of the application.

The beta is time limited, it will expire 30-days after it's first run. It requires Mac OS X 10.1 and a G3 or better processor. Norton AntiVirus 7.0, the current shipping version, costs £51 (excluding VAT).