O'Reilly UK has released a trio of Mac OS X titles: Learning Unix for Mac OS X; The Mac OS X Pocket Reference book; and Building Cocoa Applications.

Learning Unix for Mac OS X is described as: “A concise, easy-to-follow introduction to getting started with Unix functions in OS X.” It's written for novice users, and describes such topics as using Mac OS X's Terminal application and the command interface. There's a sample chapter, “Customizing your session”, available online. The title costs £13.95.

The Mac OS X Pocket Reference book (£8.95) is an overview and reference volume developed to introduce new users to the fundamentals of Mac OS X. Reflecting Apple's expanding market share, the book includes special sections for Unix and Windows Switchers.

Building Cocoa Applications ships with a number of development tools for Mac OS X. It offers a selection of libraries for application development, and aims to help developer's master Cocoa.

O'Reilly calls Cocoa's learning curve “steep”, and criticizes Apple's documentation as “lacking the depth serious developers need to get the job done”.

It's a staged tutorial, including examples of complete applications. Sample source code is available for download from the publisher's Web site. An example chapter – “Building a project: A four-function calculator” is available online. The title costs £31.95.