Hot on the coat tails the release of Mac OS X 10.1, manufacturers are engaged in releasing a flood of drivers and updates that bring more functionality to the operating system.

Keyspan yesterday released the final version of its Mac OS X drivers for serial adaptors. These include the company's USB Twin Serial Adaptor, USB PDA adaptor and more. The company expects to release drivers for all its products by the end of the year.

Kensington has released MouseWorks OS X 1.1b2, its second beta driver for its family of mice. The update eradicates bugs present in the previous beta. Microtech has released an X driver for its FireSCSI Xpress (version 1.21), a solution for its FireWire to SCSI converter.

X rated video Mac OS X has also regained video conferencing facilities, with the release of the first WebCam driver for Mac OS X from IOXperts. Mac OS X v.1 video driver for FireWire WebCams is available now for public beta testing. This gives Mac OS X users access to a variety of cameras, including the ADS PYRO WebCam, the FireWire Direct DV WebCam, the Orange Micro iBOT and iRez StealthFire cameras. IOXperts charges $19.95 for the driver, but has reduced the price to $14.95 during the beta testing period.

"Many hardware vendors have been hesitant to enter the Mac OS X market due to development costs and the relatively small market. Because we've been developing Mac OS drivers for years and can support multiple vendors' hardware, we've decided to offer drivers directly to users who don't want to wait," says IOXperts chief technology officer and founder Steve Sisak.

Ben Bird, author of video viewer applications BTV and BTV Pro said: "It fills a need in the rapidly growing Mac OS X market and is a significant achievement for Steve and his team."

Bird released BTV Pro 5.2 Tuesday, the most recent Carbonized version of the video capture, editing and animation tool for the Mac.