John Nairn's genealogy software GEDitCOM 3.0 has been Carbonized for Mac OS X.

The genealogy software integrate the Genealogical Data Communication (GEDCOM) standard. This is a file-saving standard that creates files that are readable and writeable by all genealogy applications. Most such files on the Internet use this standard.

The user interface can be set up to individual preferences. Features include customizable family trees, printing of books from files, and Internet-compatibility features. The application offers built-in links to genealogy Web sites, and can embed links between data and Web sites.

GEDitCOM is available free as a GEDCOM file browser. The browser download is also a demo of the full shareware GEDCOM editor. GEDitCOM requires a Power Macintosh and MacOS 8.1 or newer.

The GEDCOM file editor version is available as shareware, and costs $49.99.