Adobe has denied it is deliberately delaying an OS X version of Photoshop because of a strained relationship with Apple.

"Poppycock," Adobe senior vice president of Web publishing Bryan Lamkin told Macworld. "We released Photoshop 6 around October 2000. Apple released OS X in March, and for some reason there was this public expectation that we would release an OS X version of Photoshop soon after."

Recent online reports suggested
Adobe delayed the release schedule for Photoshop as an expression of displeasure with Apple, whose Final Cut Pro competes directly against Adobe's Premiere in the video-editing space. The rumours were further fuelled after Apple CEO Steve Jobs took a swipe at Adobe over the lack of an OS X-compatible version of Photoshop during his recent Macworld Expo keynote.

Lamkin added: "Every business has its cycle. Apple has its own, and Adobe has another. If you look at the regular release cycle for Photoshop, you'll see it's on an 18-month cycle. Apple didn't release OS X 10.1 until December 2001. We are bringing all our products to Mac OS X: InDesign 2.0, Illustrator 10 and GoLive 6.0, for example.

"We would not intentionally slow down the adoption of a technology like OS X. It makes no sense. We support it, Apple supports it and our customers support it. It's an evolution."

Adobe's relationship with Apple remains strong, Lamkin stressed: "We have a very strong relationship, we are very definitely strong working partners."

He added: "We're very excited by the prospects for this year," he said. "This is the year of transition for OS X."

He went on to describe Photoshop for OS X as a "catalyst" for the transition, adding: "Don't forget the rich mix of products we'll be bringing to the platform.

"The migration to PowerPC processors is minor in comparison to the move to OS X. As well as learning OS X, and rewriting the code for OS X, we've had to continue to innovate within Photoshop. We need to continue to deliver innovation to our customers.

"We have a deliberate, aggressive plan with Photoshop - you'll see."

He revealed Photoshop for OS X will include a high degree of digital camera-friendly features.

"I look at what Adobe's achieved without delaying our release cycle, compared to our competitors, and think people will say Adobe did an admirable job of bringing all its applications to OS X."