UK software developer Microspot has released Microspot X-RIP Direct Connection 1.1, the latest version of the company's driver for large-format printers running under Mac OS X.

The solution harnesses OS X technologies, enabling high-quality prints from professional large-format inkjet printers.

The company has introduced a multi-threaded raster image-processing (RIP) engine in this release, which it claims “provides far superior throughput” than previous versions. This also means the solution can take full advantage of Apple's dual-processor Power Macs.

The solution also supports printing over networks, using the company's own Virtual Printer support. This lets users set up any X-RIP-supported printer and have the output files saved to a folder. The solution also includes utilities to help users migrate from Classic Microspot drivers to Mac OS X.

X-Rip supports legacy printers with old-style unidirectional USB. Other features include Print Center level printing, support for high-resolution large format printing up to and including 1,200dpi, and direct USB and USB-Parallel converter support, so Macs can be directly connected to the printer.

The solution requires Mac OS X 10.1.5, 256MB RAM and a G3 or G4 processor. It costs £299.