UK developers have built a solution that paves the way to bring Xbox games to the Mac.

Coderus and MicroAPL are working together to build solutions that help games developers port games from Xbox and Windows to the Mac platform.

The solution consists of libraries of code - extensions to Coderus' existing MacDX product. Many Windows titles are built using Microsoft's DirectX API calls, as well as code written in an assembly language foreign to the Mac.

MacDX already lets developers port DirectX code to Mac - most code using DirectX can be recompiled and linked to the MacDX code libraries.

MicroAPL is providing the porting solution for the assembly language - 80x86 code. That company has introduced a product - PortAsm/86 - which automatically translates the code, rewriting it in native PowerPC assembly code for the Mac. Its code mechanism makes it easy to switch between functions written in assembler and C.

Coderus CEO Mark Thomas said: "Since we released MJacDX, porting titles has become a lot easier, but there are always problematic areas which can delay a project, for example, assembly function codes. Presently, most developers have to rewrite such functions by hand, which can be complex and time-consuming."

MicroAPL technical director Simon Marsden said: "We’re excited to be able to help promote the use of MacDX by ensuring PortAsm and MacDX work together."