QuarkAlliance Authorised Reseller, XChange International is offering a swathe of special bundling offers with the purchase of XPress 7.

The company is offering four different bundles. Each bundle offers a complementary XChange International software plug-in for free when purchased with XPress. Shipping is free to UK mainland destinations on any purchase of a new or upgrade licence of QuarkXPress 7 until 25 August 2006.

QuarkXPress 7 with A Taste of OpenType from Linotype includes 40 OpenType fonts that would normally retail for £800. These fonts work on both Mac and Windows.

QuarkXPress 7 with FontAgent Pro 3 allows users to automatically open only the fonts they need when working in QuarkXPress 7. It offers font auto-activation, font management and award-winning font-fixing features.

QuarkXPress 7 with ID2Q 7 allows users to convert InDesign documents into XPress 7 projects. This software works with QuarkXPress 6 or 7 for Mac OS.

QuarkXPress 7 with Pantone huey provides colour management tools that calibrate colour with your monitor. About the size of a small pen, the solution works with LCD, CRT and laptop displays and is the first monitor calibration device to continually adjust the monitor as room lighting changes.

Other deals available from XChange International include:

£55 discount when purchasing a new license of QuarkXPress 7 with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger;
A £105 saving when XPress 7 is purchased with Windows XP Professional Edition;
A £99 saving when users buy XPress 7 with Windows XP Home Edition.