Xerox may lay-off 10,000 of its staff this year - including the 4,000 job losses it announced last month.

Carlos Pascual, Xerox's executive vice president, revealed the news during a Bloomberg Television interview, the WSJ claims. The lay-offs amount to 11 per cent of the company's workforce.

Xerox spokesman Bill McKee later called the figure speculative and said the company has to make further assessment of its cost-cutting program before making decisions about how many jobs to cut.

Xerox announced a worldwide reorganization when it published poor third-quarter results last October. Xerox lost $384 million in the last financial year. The company plans to cut costs by $1 billion this year.

According to the Journal, Pascual said Xerox is looking at laying off "something around 10,000" employees this year. He added: "Maybe that's a number that represents the savings that we are trying to get out."