Xinet has announced the release of FullPress 11.01 and WebNative version 4.01 for Mac OS X Server and Mac OS X respectively.

Apple licenses portions of its iDisk solution from Xinet. The company is an expert network-solutions developer.

The release of these products brings network-strengthening workflow solutions to OS X. Early-adopting designers, pre-press and publishing professionals can output PDF and TIFF files, and use these formats with page-layout programs. WebNative lets such users manage digital assets over the Web.

Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of worldwide developer relations, said: "With its open-standards design, Mac OS X can talk to every major file-server protocol on every major server platform on the market. FullPress and WebNative for Mac OS X offer a powerful and reliable file server, print server and easy-to-use digital-asset management system on the most compatible operating system available."

OS X power Xinet CEO Scott Seebass said: "We're impressed by the power and performance of Mac OS X. Its speed and stability make it a great platform for demanding pre-press operations.

"Now, Mac shops can leverage the years of experience Xinet has invested in developing solutions geared for the challenges of pre-press operations."

The Mac OS X version of FullPress 11.01 includes all the features of the currently shipping version, which is a powerful pre-press server, combining file serving, print spooling, colour correction and other tools to speed pre-press operations.

Bottleneck solution The solution removes networking bottlenecks caused by sharing files and sending and executing print instructions. Other features include PostScript optimization and an industry-standard image-replacement engine. With a view to the widely-agreed future of publishing, this version also enables the use of PDF (Portable Document Format) in all types of production systems.

Pricing for FullPress is dependent on the number of users, and a client's specific requirement. Pricing is by arrangement with the distributor.

WebNative 4.01 for X costs £10,000, and is a server-based asset-management system offering round-the-clock access to production servers using the Internet.

This solution has been designed to help publishers open up their workflow to their print and pre-press partners. It means print houses can run online searches through a publication's digital assets in order to replace a corrupted image with the original version, for example.