XLR8, manufacturer of upgrade and expansion products, today announced price reductions across its product range.

G4 MACH Carrier cards have been reduced in price, the 366MHz version has been lowered from £239 to £229. The 400MHz Carrier card is now £249, reduced from £275. The 466MHz has been lowered from £359 to £319, while the 500MHz now costs £385 after a reduction from £449.

The MACh Speed G4 ZIF MPe range has also been reduced. The 350MHz card now costs £269, down from £359, and the 400MHz version has been reduced from £399 to £299. The 450MHz card now costs £359, lowered from £459, and the 500MHz card is £479 reduced from £559.

Future options All G4 processors shipped by XLR8 are now Multi-processing enabled (MPe), allowing them to be used in XLR8’s soon to be released dual-processor Velocity upgrades cards.

Users buying a MAChSpeed G4 MPe will be able to purchase the MP Velocity card and a second MAChSpeed G4z MPe for selected Macs.

Jack Kolk, vice president and general manager of XLR8, said: “Since the purchase of XLR8 by Tripp Lite of Chicago, we have re-located our manufacturing, development and shipping all under one roof, within the Atlanta facility. Relocation and increased investment in manufacturing have resulted in reduced costs which we are now passing on to our customers.”