XLR8 is shipping InterView 2.0 Media Capture software for Mac USB.

InterView 2.0 delivers full compatibility with all major video-editing software packages, broader Internet capabilities, including QuickTime streaming and Webcasting, and a completely new application called XLR8 Theatre. This allows for full-screen viewing from a DVD player, satellite tuner or VCR.

InterView Media Capture software and cabling imports analogue video and audio into any USB-equipped Mac. It supports real-time video at resolutions up to 320-x-240, snapshots at resolution up to 640-x-480 and NTSC and PAL video formats.

InterView 2.0, priced at £94.99, is bundled with Strata VideoShop 4.5 (DV) video-editing software and Strata TuneBuilder, as well as a 30-day trial version of Sorenson Broadcaster.