Two extra reasons to boot in OS 9 (other than QuarkXPress) have come with the release of a brace of OS 9 games in the popular Elf Bowling series.

Santa Balls 2 and Spank the Frank are both free and support online gameplay. Game creator Kewlbox releases seasonal Mac games annually - past successes include Elf Bowling and Santa Balls.

Developer Mike Bielinski said: "The games are addictive. We see traffic spike during people's lunch breaks so we know the game is popular among the office-worker crowd."

Spank the Frank features an Elf and his pet penguin, Frank. The Elf must guide Frank safely into a floating basket to win points.

Santa Balls 2 sees players slide, push and break shiny ornaments called Santa Balls. Winners get a cheer, while losers are jeered.

Seasonally-inspired Mac users may also enjoy Your Head Design's free Christis Tree – a Christmas tree for Mac OS X. This sits in the Dock or on the Desktop to "give your Mac that extra little bit of holiday cheer that sets you apart from all the PC weenies out there", the company says.