Australians who want an iPod for Christmas may have to lay down a deposit to guarantee a machine will be available.

Apple Australia's marketing director Arno Lenior said: "Apple's Australian channel and customers should benefit from Apple's global decision to increase iPod production capacity, but demand is so strong it may outstrip supply.

"You can find an iPod Mini at the moment. And the 20GB and 40GB iPods are coming back. But if you really want one for Christmas, you should go out and put a deposit on one."

ZDNet Australia reports that Lenior said the orders placed by Apple Australia anticipate a market for "hundreds of thousands" of iPods this holiday season, but that demand could reach "millions."

Resellers across the UK have told Macworld that if you want an iPod for Christmas order one now. Macworld also learned that around 100,000 iPod mini orders remain to be fulfilled.