Xpedient has announced Redefine Style Sheet, a new XTension for users of QuarkXPress 3.32 and 4.x.

The plug-in instantly updates style sheets to match local formatting. It's simple to use and opens the doors to exploring style sheets for novice Quark users, the new company claims.

Style Sheets control typographic details, ensuring consistency because they apply identical settings repeatedly. You get retroactive control, if you change your mind you simply redefine the Style Sheets and the whole document conforms to your new formats.

Many experienced Quark-hands resort to a 14-step procedure involving making a new Style Sheet to replace the previous one. In beta-testing, the company claim the process of redefining style sheets shrank to just 24 seconds.

A full working demo is available as a download from Xpedient's Web site, limited to 25 free uses. The company suggests that the plug-in is guaranteed to save you at least ten minutes of your time in 25 uses.