Quark XPress 5.0 will not be Carbonized to run under Mac OS X, a Quark representative revealed yesterday.

In an interview with MacWeek, Quark's corporate communications manager, Glen Turpin said: "By the time we got a really good build of OS X, we were already engineering complete on 5.0 and had begun testing." Quark decided that to engineer an OS X version would have delayed the release of the application even more.

The industry-standard desktop publishing application will instead run as a Classic application, under Mac OS 9.1. Turpin also told MacWeek that XPress 5.0 will only run on Power Macs.

Beta testing In-house testing of the application is complete, and it is entering the early stages of the beta-testing programme now.

In November 2000, Turpin told Macworld that the application would undergo the most extensive testing of any version of QuarkXPress to date.

Many users complained that XPress 4.0 was too full of bugs. In response, Quark has decided to take a hardline approach to the beta testing cycle, Turpin confirmed to MacWeek.

Delay Quark XPress 5.0 was originally scheduled to ship in late 2000. This did not occur, and the company has revised its timetable to allow for extensive beta testing in late spring, leading some industry-watchers to predict that the final application will ship in late 2001 – one year later than planned.

New features in the application include the ability to use layers throughout the document. These layers work in a very similar way to other graphics and layout applications, so they can be set to print or not, or be visible or not. These layers can also be flattened into one layer, once a document is completed.

MacWeek reports that Quark is on the brink of releasing CopyDesk SE, a standalone version of Quark Publishing System's CopyDesk module. Quark Digital Media System 1.5 is also scheduled for imminent release – this is the newest version of its digital-asset management system.