Quark has revealed "key features" of QuarkXPress 6, but has not announced pricing or shipping details for the product.

The features focus on workflow, output, table-creation tools, multiple-media publishing, navigation, and – most eagerly awaited – support for Mac OS X and multiple undos and redos.

Quark says XPress 6 introduces "options for a more flexible workflow", including Layout Spaces, which allow users to share attributes and information for complex projects. A project can contain layouts that might include print pages, Web pages, or different versions of either in varying sizes and orientations. Style sheets, colours, hyphenation settings and lists can also be shared among layouts. XPress 6 also introduces a Synchronized Text feature for sharing content between layouts in a project. When synchronized text is edited, corresponding text elsewhere in the project is changed simultaneously.

Layout tools XPress 6's output capabilities have been boosted with improvements for print-optimized layouts. Quark has also incorporated PDF-creation technology from UK firm Global Graphics, meaning users can create PDF files, and utilize resolution previews of on-screen images while laying out pages.

Version 6 offers tools to output blends and colourized TIFFs as composite colour, while retaining the spot-colour information for use in RIP separations. This support extends to PDF files. It also offers colour-space conversion tools for "high-quality results" when outputting to PostScript devices.

The Print dialogue box has been beefed-up with a new Layers tab, which offers a single point of control for outputting specific layers, simplifying the printing of multiple documents.

Improvements in XPress' table-creation tools include: text-cell linking; inter-table linking and the linking of a table cell to a text box. Transparent cells are now supported, as are gridlines, for graphics placement. Tables can even be converted into a group of boxes that can be moved, rotated and reshaped independently.

Web boost When creating Web layouts from print layouts users will see improvements in Rollovers; Menus; Hyperlinks; font management; form creation; and preview and export controls, says Quark. This makes Web page implementation within XPress 6 "faster and more convenient than ever", Quark assures its public.

The solution also includes a more intuitive way to tag content as XML. Users can create XML documents without first creating an XML document-type definition, and colour coding makes it easier to identify tagged content. The product also has parsing tools to check and validate the code.

Quark has reorganized some Menus for easier use and introduced more useful commands in the context menus.

A Quark spokesperson said: "We have not yet announced pricing or an anticipated ship date for QuarkXPress 6."