Quark will offer the first public demonstration of QuarkXPress 7 at Seybold this month.

Two years in development, the company has already made great promises for its desktop-publishing product.

On September 12, Quark senior vice president of product development Jurgen Kurz will deliver a keynote speech at Seybold, demonstrating the software while he does so.

Is XPress 7 worth the wait?

Announcing Quark's keynote, Seybold Seminars content director Cynthia Wood observed: "Adobe has been widely - and incessantly - covered by the graphic arts press, but we feel that Quark has an interesting story of its own to tell.

"We invited Quark to address the controversy that lingers in some users' minds: Is QuarkXPress 7 worth the wait? And will there be reason to move back to QuarkXPress from InDesign once QuarkXPress 7 ships?"

Future feature fandango

In May the company revealed a few of the future features of its application and promised a move to employ more open standards across XPress 7.

It said the application would offer: "More design features with job-driven workflow capabilities and multi-channel publishing" features. The aim is to, "transform the business of creative communications", the company said.

XPress 7 features will include: transparency controls; built-in image use and editing tools, and colour management; and OpenType and Unicode support.

New colour management controls, Workflow automation and preflighting features, and extensive XML support will also debut in the release.