Koyosha Graphics has released an update for its Enhance Preview XTension for QuarkXPress.

A 'lite' version of this XTension was included within the XPress 4.10 and 4.11 updates. Koyosha claims the update fixes some long-standing compatibility issues.

Enhance Preview XT 2.1.4 revision 5 and Enhance Preview XT Special Edition 2.1.4 revision 5 are available for download exclusively from the company's site.

Fixed bugs The update fixes a problem introduced with QuarkXPress 4.1 and 4.11 that caused the error message "Can't find required volume or folder [-35]" to be displayed when trying to save a document. It also fixes bugs that caused the "File not found [-43]" alert to be displayed when updating pictures listed as Missing or Modified in the Usage dialogue box and when saving a document.

The update also improves the display and printing of clipped images when printing to non-PostScript printers, and fixes a bug that caused a vertical line to be displayed at the right edge of some greyscale and bitmap images.

Kayosha Graphics also "strongly recommends users of XPress 4.11 download the 411FixIt XTension from Quark to avoid additional conflicts and problems".