Quark has formed an alliance to both lower the cost and increase the speed of delivering print content online.

Quark has teamed-up with Ireland-based Internet-solutions developer Spin Solutions to integrate Spin's Index software into avenue.quark. The Index software has been developed to help companies deploy QuarkXPress content to the Web and as a Web-site management solution.

Avenue.quark is an XTension for QuarkXPress that can be used to tag content in Quark documents and to extract the content in XML (Extendible Mark-up Language) format. The transfer into XML lets customers post selected content direct to the Web, and deliver the same content using other delivery methods – such as wireless devices. In the future, XML information could also become accessible to digital-TV viewers.

Web management Brett Mueller, QuarkXPress product manager, said: "With avenue.quark and Index, Quark customers can realize significant cost savings and efficiencies in managing the flow of print information to the Web and other distribution channels."

Index is Spin Solutions' first product to market. Index integrates seamlessly with QuarkXPress and offers rich tools for Web-content delivery, according to Quark.

Content control Index will streamline Web-site management by allowing authors to submit, edit, review, and approve content. They can also control the launch and expiration of content.

It also supports complex workflows and site architectures. Index lets Web publishers target multiple sites with content, collect content from multiple sites, and syndicate that content.

Index also promotes user interaction, according to Quark, as visitors can customize the presentation of Web-site content, as well as the site's look-&-feel. Index also provides site search and threaded discussion capabilities.

Like avenue.quark, the product is sold on the basis of negotiable site-licenses, and pricing is dependent on the number of users required.