Quark will support Mac OS X and is already working on a Carbonized version of QuarkXPress that will be released after the non-Carbonized XPress 5.0 ships.

Communications Manager Glen Turpin told Macworld: "Quark stands strongly behind Mac OS X."

On Tuesday, Macworld said that XPress 5.0 would not be Carbonized to run under Mac OS X on its initial release later this year. Clarifying this, Turpin said: "QuarkXPress version 5.0 will not be Carbon native on launch, but we are hard at work Carbonizing QuarkXPress."

Delayed In an interview with Macweek, Turpin said: "By the time we got a really good build of OS X, we were already engineering complete on 5.0 and had begun testing." Quark decided that to engineer an OS X version would have further delayed the release of the application.

Yesterday Turpin revealed that: "The version of QuarkXPress after 5.0, version 5.x, will be a Carbon-native application. Quark will support Mac OS X."

Quark is putting XPress 5.0 through extensive beta-testing to help ensure the desktop-publishing application is as stable as possible on its release.

QuarkXPress 5.0 will offer a plethora of new features, including layers. Layers can be used throughout XPress 5.0 documents, they work in a similar way to layers found in other graphics and layout applications, so they can be set to print or not, or be visible or not. Layers can also be combined into one layer once a document is complete.