UK developer Easypress Technologies has released a demo version of Atomik 2.0, its QuarkXPress-to-XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) software solution.

Atomik 2.0 repurposes XPress content for Web and other XML-supporting media. It can extract the content of an entire document in a single pass, with no need for user intervention. The solution also supports automated image-extraction and the extraction of tabular data into an XML table format.

It also includes a Ruleset manager, which will configure documents for the XML-extraction process. The demo is available for download. Pricing depends on number of licences required. It starts at £4,995 for a single licence.

Lori Mercier, CEO and MD at Easypress, said: "We believe that Atomik 2.0 should be part of every publishers toolset for cross-media publishing. It's the most efficient, automated and easy-to-use tool on the market for converting XPress content into XML, enabling publishers to efficiently maximize the value of their editorial content."