Yet another Xserve cluster has gone into service, this time at Louisiana State University, where the Center for Computation and Technology has introduced a 24-strong cluster of Xserve G5s called Nemaux.

The cluster is being used for creative and research projects in the computational arts, as well as research in scientific computing.

Stephen David Beck, director of the Laboratory for Creative Arts & Technologies and also professor of composition and computer music said: "Nemeaux provides a platform for scientists and artists to explore new possibilities.

Among the intended uses of the computer cluster are video composition and animation rendering. Nemeaux will also serve as a powerful research tool for the computational aspects of music, film, video and art.

Apple's Xgrid is being tested with the cluster, and researchers are developing tools to perform distributed audio rendering on the system, using multiple computers to analyze, process and generate sound.

Nemeaux will also be used to compute problems in numerical relativity, fluid dynamics and scientific visualization.