A QuickTime video of Apple’s press-only Xserve event is available for viewing online.

The company published the video yesterday. It’s available as a QuickTime streaming video directly from Apple’s Web site.

Press pass The company says: “Join the press in Cupertino and watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new Xserve, a powerful 1U rack-mount server designed with Apple’s legendary ease-of-use.”

Xserve has been well-received by Apple aficionados and industry professionals. Industry pros are particularly impressed by the product’s 1U (1.75 inches high – a standard rack unit) form -factor. Previous generations of Apple servers, built into a standard Power Mac G4 chassis, were hungry for space.

When hosting Web servers at data centres, for example, Internet service companies could place only seven servers in one hired 42U (6-foot tall) rack space –the standard space rented out by hosting companies; now, they can fit 42.