Apple has released a software update for its Xserve RAID Admin Tools, bringing these to version 1.3.

The Java-based tools will log events, create protected volumes, manage preferences and monitor storage hardware from virtually any networked computer over TCP/IP. Administrators can also view detailed system and hardware information remotely.

The 5MB update: "Fixes a number of issues improving overall reliability. The versions of RAID Admin and firmware in this release should replace all earlier versions," Apple says.

Key enhancements within this release according to Apple include:

"Solves issue where fibre channel link LED goes off even when link is up;
Addresses condition where management coprocessor does not respond to RAID Admin;
Prevents erroneous enclosure events that caused buzzer and email notification;
Corrects situation where disks have a RED status LED after a RAID controller restart;
Battery modules will now be detected by RAID Admin 1.3 on Xserve RAID systems with firmware 1.1-117;
Addresses RAID Admin Java 1.4.2 compatibility issues."

RAID Admin 1.3 and Fibre Channel Utility 1.0 work on all Macintosh computers running Mac OS X version 10.2.8 or later.

More information and links to download the software are available here.