Apple’s developer community has been quick to support Apple in its move to the server market.

The introduction of a Unix-based, rack-mounted server solution takes Apple’s offerings in this market into the mainstream. Apple’s server solutions are serious contenders – but system administrators need to know their applications will run on the solution. This was the focus of third-party announcements yesterday.

Oracle’s announcement hints at potential opportunities in the enterprise space for Apple’s product, revealing that Oracle9i services will function on Xserve.

“Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, running on Xserve will deliver enterprise-class solutions to our joint customers and create new opportunities for both companies,” said Michael Rocha, Oracle’s senior vice president of product services and platform technologies.

“Xserve, combined with Apple’s Unix-based Mac OS X Server software, is a superior platform for Oracle9i Database,“ he claimed.

Opportunities The Unix core of Mac OS X offers other new opportunities, too. Unix-based company, Platform announced its plans to enter the Mac market, taking advantage of Mac OS X’s Unix core.

Platform CEO, Robert Gordon, said: “By supporting Mac OS X, we can leverage our 10 years of experience in providing clustering solutions to Unix customers to help Mac users improve productivity, performance and return on investment.”

“The combination of Apple’s new Xserve and Platform LSF workload-management software enables digital-content creation, higher-education, government, and life-sciences organizations to fully utilize all of their enterprise compute resources.”

The company is making its flagship Platform LSF software available for Apple’s new Xserve. Platform LSF provides an integrated workload-management and clustering solution to optimize the use of enterprise-wide resources by providing on-demand access to computing resources.

Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations: “Platform LSF running on Mac OS X is a powerful solution that provides our customers with outstanding productivity and efficiency.”

Widespread support Susan Prescott, vice president of Adobe’s cross-media group, explained: “The Adobe Web Workgroup Server runs on Apple’s new Xserve, and offers sophisticated collaboration and site-management features that vastly improve Web and design-team productivity.”

HP also hinted at future product plans: “We are delighted to continue our tradition of working with Apple by extending HP OpenView management software to the Mac,” said Peter van der Fluit, HP’s vice president of sales and marketing.

“We will bring more of our services-driven management-solutions to the Macintosh to provide our mutual customers with reliable solutions that scale to their needs,” he explained.

Raj Nathan, the senior vice president and general manager of Sybase’s enterprise solutions division, said: “We are not only impressed with Mac OS X and its user-friendly capabilities, but with Apple’s new generation of servers.”

Larry Zulch, president and CEO of Dantz, said: “Dantz Retrospect provides world-class backup software for the Mac – and all of our products run on Apple’s new Xserve.”

FileMaker’s president, Dominique Goupil, stated: “FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited is optimized to run on Mac OS X Server and take advantage of the integrated Apache Web Server.”