Apple's Xserve is a "worthy little machine that's easy to manage, configure and install," writes Network Computing this morning.

Long time Intel user Steven Schuchart reviewed the product, and approached the review with "trepidation" - but was pleasantly surprised, "I liked it", he said.

Schuchart recommends Apple's server: " If your company supports a small complement of Macs, or if you're a small office that needs a centralized file server and/or departmental server." He also praises the product's ease-of-use, and the ease with which software updates can be applied.

As an Intel user from a corporate enterprise background, he was unhappy that Xserves need a Mac "for remote management in a graphical environment". He does agree that the console port or Telnet/SSH allow control, but observes: "These don't connect you to the ease-of-use that are the Xserve's main benefits."
The reviewer offers a good description of what the Xserve is, praised its compatibility, but had problems "getting used to their being no hidden settings or Control Panels," he said.

"Once I realized I was making tasks harder than they had to be, I found the machine wonderfully simple," he added.

The reviewers conclusion?

"Apple still has some features to work into the Xserve, but it's a solid offering priced in the same ballpark as similarly configured Intel 1U offerings," he wrote.