Scant weeks since the iPod shuffle's launch in January, XtremeMac has released 13 all-new peripherals for it, including cases, chargers and FM transmitters.
While the latter products aren't legal in the UK, US iPod shuffle users can but the AirPlay FM transmitter to allow them to play music from their player through to any FM radio. This product costs $49.95.

Company president and CEO Gary Bart said: "The iPod shuffle has extended the reach of the iPod into nearly every demographic."

Additional Products include

The iPod shuffle Car Charger - $24.95.

Bumperz for iPod shuffle provide protection with a choice of 15 bright;y-coloured silicone bands available in packs of five for $19.95.

SportWrap for iPod shuffle is a $29.95 moisture-resistant sports armband available in four colours. SportWrap for

iPod shuffle are brightly-coloured transparent plastic covers available in nine colours and sold in packs of three for $19.95.

Wrapz for iPod shuffle are thin silicone sleeves that provide form-fitted protection from minor scratches and dents. Nine colours are available in packs of three Wrapz. ($24.95).

TuffWrapz for iPod shuffle are thickened silicone sleeves to protect against scratches and bumps. Also available in nine colours and sold in packs of three for $24.95 each.

The company's SuperHook features an aluminium carrier, so users can securely hook the product to clothing or bags. It costs $19.95. Also available is the SuperClip, which is a white plastic clip designed to secure the tiny music player to "almost any" strap or belt. This costs $14.95.

The iPod shuffle Audio Splitter basically lets two people share an iPod music by supporting two sets of headphones - it costs $12.95.

XtremeMac also offers an Audio Kit to connect the device to stereo and car stereo systems ($49.95); the $12.95 Home Stereo Cable - a compact cable that allows users to connect any iPod to standard Home Stereo RCA connectors for Hi-Fi sound reproduction. Home Stereo Cable retails for $12.95 U.S; and the Auxiliary Audio Cable which lets users connect any iPod directly to computer or portable speakers and costs $12.95.

UK prices for these products are not yet available. The company's products are distributed by Channel Dynamics in the UK.