Yahoo has acquired Konfabulator.

The search giant plans to give the software away freely in future. It presently costs $19.95.

It's thought Yahoo engaged in the deal because it sought an easy way to bring its application programming tools to developers.

"What we can do with Konfabulator is wrap these services that we are opening up into an environment that is really easy for people to now become developers," Tony Schneider, vice president of the Yahoo! Developer Network, told MacCentral.

Schneider also spoke of a move within the company to "move more onto the Mac".

Yahoo! plans to refund customers that purchased Konfabulator in the last two months.

Konfabulator parent company Pixoria CEO Arlo Rose will lead Yahoo's team. He said: "Our focus is to never stray from multiple platforms.

"As a matter of fact, one of our goals is to investigate ways to open up Konfabulator to things like cell phones and maybe even Linux and your Tivo device. It's about complete multi-platform distribution."

Rose was optimistic that Windows developers would take to the now Yahoo-backed Konfabulator in order to begin developing widgets that work on both Windows and Mac.