Yahoo UK and Ireland is preparing to launch new convergence orientated communication products this month, linking mobile phones to its free email service.

Yahoo Mobile lets users enable Yahoo Mail to send text messages to their phone when new emails are received. Users can specify which emails to be kept abreast of, and even configure the service to send the entire text of emails to their phone.

Like a .Mac Mail account, Yahoo Mail can also be set up to check third party POP email services. Professionals in transit can set Yahoo up to check work email, sending specified critical mail to their mobile phone when it is received.

Additional features include the capacity to compose and send SMS messages from Yahoo's mail Web pages. Responses to these can optionally be redirected to the originating sender's Yahoo Mail inbox or the user's phone. Settings can be managed using SMS commands while on the move, or through the Web site.

This is not a free service. User's can elect to pay on a per-message basis, or choose between three separate pre-pay bundles. Prices start at about 11p per alert.