Yahoo! is previewing its newly designed home page at Yahoo! UK.

The company says it has redesigned the page to allow users to access the information they want. The company's chief operating officer Dan Rosensweig said: "By focusing on consumers' needs and using what today's technology can deliver, we are redefining what a home page could and should be."

The company has fielded a team of editors to ensure the site is populated by original feature stories, fresh entertainment, sports and finance news, and national, world and video news.

With a focus on the personal Web, the new on-page personal preview area displays recent messages from Yahoo! Mail, an online friends list from Yahoo! Messenger, and local weather forecasts.

A new Yahoo! Pulse feature includes the "most popular and interesting Yahoo! searches, along with data marking the latest search trends in music, video, photos and more.

Similar redesigns are presently available through the company's US, French, German, Spanish and Italian websites.

More enhancements will be introduced in the coming months, and the new Yahoo! portal page will be made generally available worldwide in late summer, the company said.