Yahoo has announced a portal targeted at businesses, called Corporate Yahoo.

The service will let companies offer their employees a customized-home page that integrates corporate information with Yahoo content, such as news and stock quotes.

The portal, developed in conjunction with Tibco Services, hides behind a corporate firewall, making it possible to integrate information from a company's existing intranets, databases and enterprise applications without security risk, Yahoo said.

Analyst Andy Kyte, of the Gartner Group, said: "Company intranets need to have stickiness in order to keep people on them.

"We're talking about independent workers using a computer as part of their daily job. If the intranet portal doesn't provide easy access to a range of services, then workers will never visit the intranet - and will never see company notices."

Unlike Yahoo’s existing Web portal, which is supported by advertising revenue, Corporate Yahoo will be offered as a fee-based service.