Yahoo! has introduced a beta version for UK users of its 'My Web from Yahoo! Search' tools.

The technology is a personal search engine that facilitates users to save, recall and share online information with others. Users can create a personal online archive within My Web, and share these respurces with others using a selection of Yahoo tools, such as email and IM.

“Yahoo! Search is focused on providing innovative, useful technologies that enable people to find, use, share, and expand knowledge,” said Salim Mitha, director, Yahoo! Search, UK & Ireland.

“My Web is the next step in our vision of integrating search, personal search and community by providing users an easy way to have their own personal web search experience that incorporates the best of the Web and what matters most to them.”

Features of the service include: the capacity to save an exact copy of a Web page to an online-hosted personal archive, save and manage search history toolks, the capacity to import bookmarks. Users can also publish shared pages using RSS and create public links pages.

Yahoo has also released a selection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) so others can develop their own search applications.