Yahoo UK is sponsoring the world's most exclusive Internet cafe - 17,400-feet up Mount Everest.

The base-camp cafe marks the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of the mountain on May 29 1953, and is situated at Everest base camp, which is visited by 50,000 climbers each year.

The man behind the project, Tsering Gyaltzen, a Sherpa whose grandfather took part in Sir Edmund Hillary's 1953 ascent, believes Internet access on the mountain will help climbers stay in contact with loved ones, as well as being a resource for summoning emergency assistance when required and a service for local villagers.

Tsering Gyalzen said: "The cafe will benefit climbers, and will also make an enormous difference to the lives of the local community who, due to a lack of telephone access, are almost completely cut off from the outside world."

The camp is sited on a glacier that shifts several inches each year. The access point links to the worldwide Web using a satellite link.