Musicians are excited at a significant new feature in the Mac OS X 10.3.3 update Apple shipped this week – inclusion of support for Yamaha's open-protocol mLAN technology.

Apple's move – which means users of Yamaha and its developers mLAN products can exploit OS X's now highly efficient CoreAudio drivers – comes amid a slew of firmware updates from several mLAN vendors, including Kurzweil, Presonus, and Apogee.

It's a combined operation. Yamaha's mLAN software has also been updated to provide enhanced support for Core Audio and Core MIDI.

mLAN is a cross-platform technology that offers connection and control of musical networks using FireWire. It's an exciting technology for musicians because it allows them to create networks of instrumentation for making music.

Mac users with mLAN-supporting instruments can visit to download Yamaha's mLAN tools for OS X, and to get their hands on the latest firmware for their products, reports SonicState.

Discussing the push behind mLAN – which begins this month – mLANCentral says: "The continuing expansion of support for mLAN by hardware manufacturers, software developers, chip-design companies and OS platform vendors underscores that the music industry recognizes the need for an open networking protocol for FireWire as opposed to single-ended, peer-to-peer solutions."