An Apple plan for extending the Genius Bar services for small businesses and ‘prosumers’ may be on the cards

Electricpig is reporting a rumoured extension to Apple’s support services, including possible home or site visits from an Apple Genius, but more likely to consist of priority telephone and service options.

“Apple Joint Venture will reportedly offer extra support for five Mac users (with the option to add more for a fee),” claims the site. “The $499 annual charge will get you priority service at the Apple Store Genius Bar, phone support from business-minded Geniuses, loan machines if yours has to go in for repair and access to special workshops for Apple Joint Venture members.”

Electricpig backed up the claim with news of a special meeting for Apple retail employees last Sunday: “Apple staffers have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements…it seems the subject of the meeting may be Joint Venture. Subscribers to the new service will reportedly be able to speak to an Apple Genius by phone (previously verboten) and request on-site visits.”