Stone Table Software has released an OS X compatible beta version of Z-Write, its word processor.

The company calls Z-Write a "non-linear word processor", as it allows an unlimited number of documents to be stored as a single file. This makes project organization, editing and revision easier, according to Stone Table.

Z-Write's features include Stylesheets, editable HTML templates, the capacity to import and export Palm DOC files and a dictionary. It supports drag-&-drop and offers an auto-backup feature. The application does not support graphics, tables, footnotes or tabs.

The company is inviting OS X using writers to test Z-Write 1.3 Beta. It's available for download, though it expires June 30. The company expects to release the final version at Macworld Expo, New York in July.

Z-Write has been built to locate information quickly, even across multiple sources. The manufacturers describe Z-Write as a "real word-processor", claiming it has been designed particularly for "novels and research projects". The full version costs $20.