Some rumours - such as the iPhone 13 getting a smaller notch - have been cropping up consistently since the start of the year. But others switch so often that you don't know what to believe.

One such oscillating rumour is the mini-LED MacBook. Pretty much everyone believes this device is on the way, but pundits keep changing their mind about whether it will arrive this year, or be pushed back to 2022.

If we can believe the latest report from the Taiwanese industry news site DigiTimes (quoted by MacRumors), it will probably take until next year before we get to see new models of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with mini-LED backlit screens. But as mentioned, we've heard that before.

Note that, according to the industry sources cited by DigiTimes, this 'delay' (if such a term is applicable to a launch that hasn't been officially announced) applies to both the Air and Pro lines. Some previous rumours have suggested that the Pro will get mini-LED this year but the Air won't.

This is an important upgrade to the line. Compared to the backlighting tech used in current MacBook models, mini-LED provides better colour reproduction, blacker, higher contrast and greater dynamic range, something that many professional users will appreciate.

And we know that Apple rates the technology. Mini-LED appeared in the new models of iPad Pro that were launched a few weeks ago.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.