Apple's been working hard to meet demand for its new MacBook Pro notebooks.

Today, the UK Apple Store has been updated to match the US store, with a small green circle atop the MacBook Pro listing that promises customers that their new pro notebook will ship in just 24-hours.

Until recently, that same green circle has promised a wait of up to two days - far better than the original 3-5-week wait promised, but only now matching the level of availability US customers have enjoyed since late March.

It's possible the news could be an online gaffe: the actual product pages dealing with the MacBook Pro still warn of a two-day delay until the pro-portables ship.

Availability at Apple's flagship Regent Street store has also been improving in recent weeks. Spot checks mid-month showed no available stock, but a check last week showed all MacBook Pro models were available.

Meanwhile speculation continues to grow that Apple will announce an Intel-powered replacement for its current iBook models, perhaps as soon as next week on the eve of the company's financial announcement on April 19.

Some reports claim Apple will offer a choice of colours in the new iBook family, which they say will be renamed the "MacBook" family.

Apple has an arrangement with a UK firm under which that firm disposes of all Apple's ex-demo stock. That company this week announced a number of iBooks and eMacs at slightly discounted prices, inadvertently furnishing potential evidence that a move to release new consumer portables could come soon.