MacExpo opened to a warm response from the record 7,218 showgoers yesterday.

People jetted in from around the globe to be at the show. Ralf Lengweiler and Christophe Schneider came from Switzerland, and were happy with what they saw: "We're very impressed with the number of people. It's an excellent show. There's so much to see, and we're enjoying every minute here."

Martin Adams took a shine to the show's transatlantic flavour. He said: "It's amazing - I'm meeting people from all across Europe, Germans, Swiss, French, it's great. I'm here to look at what's available, and to talk to other Mac fans like me."

Ellis Philp, nine, was one of the show's youngest attendees and is a big fan of both Apple and Macworld magazine. He said: "I always steal my Dad's Macworld when it arrives, so he hides it now. I first became an Apple fan after seeing the iBook SE. I started reading Macworld after that. I think the titanium PowerBook is better than the iBook, and I should have enough money to buy one next year."

One visitor discovered the venue after a dentist appointment, Ian David said: "I was in Islington visiting my dentist and I'd forgotten the show was on. I've had a brilliant show. I'm pleased with what I've seen, as my company makes DVDs, and I'm very interested in the DV solutions I've seen here."

Other punters expressed delight with the show's venue - the Business Design Centre in Islington. Sue Alderman hopes next year's Expo stays put: "I hope the organizers don't move the show to a larger venue too quickly. This is a great location and we fill this hall. Just outside there's loads of great restaurants, and it's a much better experience than Olympia."

Tim Suhel said: "The show's smaller than the Earl's Court shows used to be but it's buzzing, and very exciting."

Julio Etchart said: As a photographer, I couldn't live without my Mac. The show's great, There's a great deal to see."