If you are fed up of waiting for an hour or more every time you run a system update on your Mac you will be pleased to learn that macOS 11 Big Sur is supposed to speed up the process.

We spotted this benefit when we were writing about the new feature in Big Sur for our comparison with Catalina. 9to5Mac has now reported the same benefit.

Apple has not yet explained exactly how it will accelerate the update process, but 9to5Mac surmises that the process in macOS Big Sur will be more like iOS, with the system preparing the update and required files in the background prior to rebooting. This means that the boot process takes less time.

Currently if you install an update you can use your Mac while it downloads, but when installation takes place - which can take an hour or more - you can’t access your Mac.

When macOS 11 Big Sur arrives this autumn Apple will continue to deliver numerous point updates, so it is likely users will often have to update their Macs with a new version. Speeding up the update process will be a real bonus.

This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.