CleanMyMac X, the powerful utility software that helps clear up space and speed up your Mac now has 30% off as a part of MacPaw's Black Friday sale. Up until yesterday, MacPaw only had 20% off, and through the year, the biggest discount we've seen is only 14% off, making the current offer particularly exciting.

The deal ends on 27 November at 12am PST so be sure to grab the offer before then.

Get 30% off CleanMyMac X here

CleanMyMac X is one of our favourite Mac cleaners – in fact, it's snagged the top spot of our round-up of the best Mac cleaners. We recommend it to speed up a slow Mac.

The discount is available on the one-year subscription or as a one-time purchase with lifetime use. Here's a break down of the costs and discounts for the 1-year subscription:

  • £20.97 for 1 Mac, was £34.95 (£13.99 off)
  • £34.97 for 2 Macs, was £69.99 (£34.94 off)
  • £48.97 for 5 Macs, was £174.75 (£125.79 off)

Here's a break down of the costs for lifetime access:

  • £53.86 for 1 Mac - was £76.95 (£23.09 off)
  • £81.16 for 2 Macs, was £153.90 (£72.74 off)
  • £117.56 for 5 Macs, was £384.75 (£267.19 off)

If you're unfamiliar, CleanMyMac X is an optimization tool for Macs that removes junk files, such as ones that might be hidden or left behind from uninstalling software, cached, or left lingering from incomplete downloads.

It also cleans up your browser and quits apps that drain your CPU to keep your MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini performing like new. Crucially, the software also removes malware, adware, and ransomware. Learn more about CleanMyMac X's security features.

Head to MacPaw to pick up its Black Friday discounts now.

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