We have some exciting news about the MacBook Pro this morning! As we already understood, Apple is working on an extensive redesign of the 13in MacBook Pro, but it appears, based on a investor note published by TF International Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, and a report on Bloomberg (which, as always, quotes insider sources) we will be seeing brand new 14in MacBook Pro and a new look 16in MacBook Pro this year.

We're already expecting quite a significant redesign for the MacBook Pro when it launches later this year, but now it sounds like one of the least loved features will be banished and another popular feature will return.

Kuo's note, which was obtained by MacRumors, suggests we can expect significant design changes including: a flat-edged design, similar to the iPhone 12; no OLED Touch Bar - instead the Mac will return to physical function keys; the return of Magsafe charging and more ports; and Apple's own processors.

Here's what he said, via MacRumors:

  1. The two new models are equipped with about 14in and 16in displays, respectively.
  2. In terms of casing design, the new models cancel the curvy design of existing models' top and bottom parts and adopt a flat-edged form factor design similar to the ‌iPhone 12‌.
  3. The ‌MagSafe‌ charging connector design is restored.
  4. The OLED touch bar is removed, and the physical function buttons are restored.
  5. There is no Intel CPU option for the new models.
  6. They are equipped with more types of I/O, and most users may not need to purchase additional dongles.

Kuo also notes that the 14in laptop will use a similar heat pipe system to the current 16in MacBook Pro which should be a benefit as it will increase the thermal headroom and enable better performance. (Update: Kuo repeated these predictions again in February 2021 - read Apple will correct old mistakes with new MacBook Pro models.)

Shortly after Kuo's note appeared, Bloomberg published a report making similar claims about the new MacBook Pro models.

The Bloomberg report also claims that we will see the return of the magnetic charger - according to "a person with knowledge of the plans". This is great news for those fans of Apple's magnetic charger, which was a popular feature that meant that if the power cable was accidentally yanked out of the side of the Mac it would easily detach, rather than pull the Mac to the floor. For more information about MagSafe read: What is MagSafe.

The new MagSafe cable will also enable faster charging, according to Bloomberg's source.

According to Bloomberg's source the new MacBook Pro models will launch around the middle of the year. As expected they will use the next-generation of Apple's in-house processors but with more cores and better graphics, according to Bloomberg's source.

Bloomberg also claims that Apple will redesign the MacBook Air - but it says that update won't arrive until "long after the next MacBook Pros". Given that Kuo believes the new MacBook Pro models won't be released until the third quarter of 2021 we could have a long wait ahead of us.

A further Bloomberg report on 22 January indicated that However, a later report by Bloomberg suggested that the MacBook Air could receive a redesign as early as 2021. Read: Thinner and lighter MacBook Air 'could launch in 2021'