Artesia Technologies has announced a native Macintosh client that boosts the power and benefits of its Teams DAM (data asset-management) solution.

Teams DAM captures, manages, and reformats media assets, including video, audio, images, graphics, and text. Teams creative client for the Macintosh has applications to find, edit, manage and re-express the components of books, magazines, catalogues and other forms of media.

Capabilities include drag-&-drop import and export of assets. There's also integration for QuarkXPress, which includes thumbnail images and links between assets and the layouts in which they appear. Adobe XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) integration is included, with support for managing XMP settings.

Another feature - Window Wallet - collects active projects and checked-out files into a floating window that allows the navigation of files and projects. Artesia Technologies focus on publishing and broadcast companies.

Team DAM cost from about $100,000 for 20 users. Pricing and availability for Teams creative client for the Macintosh will be announced at the end of the year. A Mac OS X version is planned for the future.