Mac users are complaining that Microsoft Office for Mac is unusable on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Forum posts on the Office for Mac blog describe it as: “very fuzzy,” “crap” and “blurry” when viewed on the Retina Display.

Someone from the Office for Mac team has commented on the post, claiming that Outlook 2011 supports the Retina Display. They go on to claim: "The remaining apps will have the same viewing quality as on any non-Retina device. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot comment on any future updates regarding supporting Retina on Word, Excel or PowerPoint."

Microsoft’s Office 2011 is now described as “ready for Mountain Lion” but it does not integrate Mountain Lion features, in fact the software doesn’t yet integrate features like Versions and Auto Save that became available a year ago when Lion launched, notes our sister site, Computerworld. 

Microsoft has announced plans to update the Windows version of Office. However, the company has not confirmed any plans to launch a Mac equivalent of Office 2013. "Historically, Office for Mac is updated several months following the release of a new Office on Windows," said Jevon Sark, senior marketing manager for Office for Mac.


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