Microsoft's Surface tablet has come under fire from consumers who are reporting that their device has a faulty Touch Cover.

Microsoft launched its 10.6in iPad competitor in October, and already, users have reported that the edges of the Touch Cover, the keyboard that ships with the Surface, have begun to split and expose internal wires, reports the Guardian.

Surface owners have taken to Microsoft's Surface Forums to report the problem, which seems to be the same in every case, with the middle of the cover where it joins to the Surface's screen peeling and becoming loose. The Verge's Tom Warren and Windows developer Matthew Baxter-Reynolds have also reported the issue.

Microsoft has been offering customers replacement Touch Covers, but it is unknown whether the replacements will suffer from the same peeling problems.

A Microsoft representative told CNET that the company is aware of the problem with the Surface's Touch Cover, and that anyone affected should contact Microsoft's Customer Support for help.

“Microsoft makes every effort to ensure customers receive a high quality product,” said the spokesperson. “We are in active contact with our Customer Support operations and are aware of a small number of instances of material separation.”