Many people think Macs are completely secure and don't need security software. The jury is out on that one (for our thoughts, read Do Macs need antivirus software?) but it looks like Microsoft can be counted among the the cynics.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Microsoft's anti-malware suite for businesses, is coming to macOS. It's also getting a name change - to Microsoft Defender ATP - to herald its newly platform-agnostic strategy.

"We've been working closely with industry partners to enable Windows Defender ATP customers to protect their non-Windows devices while keeping a centralised 'single pane of glass' experience," said the company. "Now we are going a step further by adding our own solution to the options."

(Mysteriously, Microsoft's blogpost on the subject refers to "other platforms", plural, but we don't know if this means a Linux edition is on the cards, or if Redmond has mobile platforms in mind.)

Microsoft brings Windows Defender ATP to Mac

At this point Defender for Mac is only available as a limited preview for those who are already signed up with the service - in other words, businesses using Windows 10 Enterprise on their PCs but who also have some Macs (which must be running macOS Sierra or later). If you fit the bill and would like to take part, you can join the preview here.

It's unclear if Microsoft plans to bring ATP to consumer as well as enterprise Mac owners. While we wait to find out, it's well worth visiting out roundup of the best Mac antivirus and keeping your machine (and personal data) safe. Our top pick is Intego Mac Internet Security X9.