Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, had a nasty shock when he spoke with the media recently - everyone in the room was using a Mac.

Writing on his blog yesterday, Michael Arrington explains what happened: "Microsoft convened a small group of bloggers today at their Redmond headquarters to discuss the upcoming Mix Conference in Las Vegas."

Highlights of the meeting included an in-depth chat with Gates, in which he focused on the future of digital rights management (DRM). The Microsoft founder conceded that DRM "isn't there yet," and recommended music lovers should buy CDs and rip their music manually, rather than use existing DRM systems.

But the real highlight of the day was: "Seeing the look on Gates’ face when he walked into the room and every single one of us had a Mac open on the desk in front of us – Niall Kennedy had also set up a makeshift wifi network using an AirPort."

Arrington was also presented with a Zune, the third he has received from the company, meaning he now owns one in every colour, including brown.